October 2020 - The Arctic Circle

I am honoured to have been invited to take part in the Arctic Circle expedition in autumn 2020. During the residency I will continue exploring the medium of sound with a comprehensive experimental sound art project in response to the High Arctic’s volatile and fragile ecosystem.

February 2020 - New Adventures In Sound Art (NAISA)

I am very excited to be travelling to NAISA North Media Arts Centre next month and to have the opportunity to work with their amazing artistic director Darren Coppeland.

Darren will be helping to prepare me for the project I will be working on in the Arctic in October 2020.

November 2019 - Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS)
May 2019 - Ayatana Artist Research Program

Designed to support research by conceptual artists interested in the acoustics of ecology and the sounds of wildlife, the Ayatana Biophony residency was an incredibly engaging and educational experience that I was fortunate to take part in. Like art-science camp that filled my curiosity, creativity and soul, it was a unique opportunity to explore sound with a group of fellow sonic enthusiasts and professionals!